Social Media Optimization

SMO is an acronym for Social Media Optimization. SMO services assist you in developing social media strategy that includes promotion on popular communities, social networks, & blogs. SMO serves dual purpose of creating brand awareness on social networking sites as well as driving significant volumes of qualified traffic to your website.

SEO News, with its dedicated team of SMO, use variety of social media tools that includes marketing on various social forums, aimed at increasing brand awareness, creating blogs & article writing & submission on various communities.

SEO News works as catalyst to push your message across on social media platforms so as to turn spotlight on your brand & help you reach your online target customers.



Social media Optimization is perfect way to grow your business & enjoy increased sales. We at SEO News deal with different social media platforms in competitive way so we can market your business & give you commendable results. SMO is an ongoing activity & if continued for long time, results can be much more satisfying.

Our SMO services are coinciding with your company business so as to keep social media posts most appropriate & relevant. This shall help promote your brand identity at various levels & also help create awareness about your company & business.

Our SMO services shall promote your company following social media circuits:

  • Social media circuits
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Through following social media we keep your social connection updated & informed about your company & business activities:

Social media services

  • Page Creation & Design
  • Creating Company as an entity & updating it relevant information
  • Connecting to groups, circles etc.
  • Enhancing social media reach by increasing Fans, Connections, Followers, Circles etc.
  • Daily updates & posts to keep in touch with customers, friends, connections.

Social Media Solutions

Make your presence felt on social network circuit through our Social Media Solutions. We shall manage your social media sites account & write social messages on your behalf to keep you highlighted on social network. You can enhance reach of customers on various social media sites through our social media solutions.

Social networking platforms offer online businesses chance to stay ahead of their competition by increasing their brand image & user base. Social networking sites are highly trusted sources of information which has power to influence user behavior in similar way like word-of-mouth advertising. Now we know what word-of-mouth advertising is capable of.

Communication regarding your brand:

Every day new brands are creating accounts & talking about you which can take your customers away. We reach right people who want to hear about you & take your messages to them in refined way. Our compelling strategies shall make your brand presence felt & give you an edge to stand out among competitors.

We develop strategies, plan out social media campaigns which are highly effective to advertise your services. We would send mailer, share required information, PR, ads, build website that is worth & cover each aspect of Social media optimization skillfully, so you enjoy benefits & find it convenient.

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